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Business achieves 38% growth through the Leadership Development Program

The TekZone Leadership Development Program is entering its second year in 2021. Participants in the first year achieved tangible results in areas such as communication, presentation, personal finance and business management. One participant, the owner of Chocolaterie NOHI in Douala Cameroon achieved 38% growth during the pandemic thanks to a campaign developed through the program. Here is what he said about these results:

We developed a Social media campaign that reached 1032 people with a 60% conversion rate resulting is 38% growth during the pandemic shutdown period.

Hippolyte N.

While business results such as the one above are example of the outcome of the program, our focus goes beyond business growth. We focus on the whole person, crafting a highly personalized development program that will make each participant a strong leader for Africa. We use a combination of lectures, books, mentorship, hands-on and workshops over a period of 12 to 24 months.

In his own words, here are other skills, abilities and knowledge acquired by Hippolyte during the first 12 months:

  • I learned personal finance management skills (budget, etc.) which resulted in 17% monthly savings.
  • I’ve become a reader now reading on average 1 book a month and adding to my knowledge.
  • Worked with my mentor on the WHY of “ChocoNohi” leading to a clearer strategy and reduced attrition.
  • Created an advisory board. A member of the board recently introduced me as a young aspiring entrepreneur to the GICAM
  • I learned so much more that it’s difficult to put in numbers. This includes leadership courses work from the program, from the programs inscription to LinkedIn Learning.

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