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Build professional website in just 1 week

Our goal at TekZone is to make it easier for you to create and market your solutions to local problems. This includes building a professional web presence similar to our own. The course titled “Build Quick and beautiful WordPress sites” available on TekZone Academy ( will teach how to do that in just 1 week.

Here is a screenshot of a website created by one of the participants.

Sample site from a course participant. You can visit it at
Participants in action

Overview of the course

This course is a Web Site course using WordPress.

WordPress is a widely-known platform used by 31% of all websites on the internet! There are so many ways to approach using WordPress that it can be hard to know where to start.

This course will take you on a clear and easy journey through installationcustomization, and launch of a WordPress site (without writing a line of back-end code!) so that you can get great-looking websites up and running quickly, whether it’s for a client request or for your own use.

Visit the following page right now to get started with this course:

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